Sunbelt Remote Administrator

Sunbelt Remote Administrator 3.0

Radmin is a complete remote control tool designed for busy system administrators
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Sunbelt Radmin is a superfast, award winning remote control program. You can take over one or more remote systems, and even daisy chain them!
Radmin is a complete remote control tool especially designed for busy system administrators. The truly crucial features are all there: superfast remote control, file transfer, NT security, telnet and multilanguage support. Radmin has a very small, tight footprint and is blisteringly fast. The price is ridiculously low. This is one sweet little tool that now comes with Sunbelt's industry strength tech support and resources. Move over, pcAnywhere
How it works
You see the remote computer screen displayed either in a window or full screen on your computer monitor. All the mouse and keyboard functions are transferred from the remote computer to your own machine. You can work with the remote computer as if you are sitting in front of it. According to our tests and our users feedback, Radmin outperforms all other remote control tools in sheer speed.

The remote computer can be located anywhere on the Internet or local area network. When using Radmin, you don't need a fast network connection to work with the remote computer. Even if you are just connected via Modem, you can reach a reasonable screen update speed (about 5-10 screen updates per second). If you are connected to a LAN you can reach real-time update speeds of about 100 - 500 screen updates per second. You can adjust that down to save bandwidth though.

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